Ian Welland is a published historian and writer in Astronomy, Art, English History, Culture, and Business. His articles are well known alongside his reviews. This website details a complete list of published works and reviews, but also contains some unpublished work.

Ian was born on 31 December 1965 and spent his early life in Hanwell, West London. In 1972, he moved with his family to Australia. Returning to England in 1974, Ian spent most of the next thirty years living in Buckinghamshire. After a period of four years in Southampton, Ian returned to the Home Counties in 2012 and now lives in Hertfordshire.

Main influences on Ian's career are the Historian of Science Dr Allan Chapman of Wadham College, Oxford University; and the late Sir Patrick Moore

Ongoing studies include the life and work of Sir William Herschel 1738 - 1822; the life and work of Godfried Schalcken 1643 - 1706; and, the life of Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor) 1894 - 1972.

In addition to writing, Ian enjoys African and Native American culture. He also volunteers for Michael Sobell Hospice based in Northwood, Middlesex; and Friends of the Rez. Ian enjoys music and is a passionate supporter of Southampton FC.