The following is a complete list of published work in Art and Art History.


Angela Wakefield: The New York Series. (Art of England, September 2011). This article takes a look at the latest outstanding paintings by the British Urban Artist Angela Wakefield.

Annya Sand. (Art of England, April 2011). London-based Annya Sand is an exciting artist whose work is crossing divisions and taking the art world by storm. I cast a critical eye on the evidence and present a personal interpretation.

Enzina Fuschini. (Art of England, April 2011). I meet the Dorset-based artist Enzina Fuschini at her studio near Bournemouth and discover a real passion for art that is a combination of mind, heart and soul.

Sandria. (Art of England, January 2011)Sandria Savory is an extraordinary artist from Hertfordshire whose art encapsulates a remarkable festival of senses.

Larissa Exalto. (Art of England, November 2010). On the eve of Larissa Exalto's first solo show, entitled The Colours of Life, I found the artist in poetic mood alongside a tremendous oeurve of abstract work.

Up Close and Personal with Peter Randall-Page. (Art of England, October 2010). An indepth and personal interview with Britain's leading sculptor Peter Randall-Page, as Dulwich Picture Gallery acquires its first piece of commissioned contemporary sculpture, Walking the Dog by Peter Randall-Page.

Abstract Expressionism: Peter Lanyon at Tate St Ives. (Art of England, October 2010). The work of St Ives School artist Peter Lanyon was being celebrated in an outstanding exhibition at Tate St Ives during the Autumn of 2010. It proved to be a "must-see" exhibition. The article tracks the career of Peter Lanyon who sadly died in a gliding accident on 31 August 1964 in Taunton, Somerset.

Art from the New World. (Art of England, September 2010). The big, brash, groundbreaking exhibition in association with the Los Angeles' Corey Helford Gallery has reached the UK and is showing at Bristol's City Museum and Art Gallery. Showcasing exclusive works never before seen in the UK by 49 different artists, this article critically appraises the works. For a further insight click here to the BBC review.

Meet David Eichenberg. (Art of England, August 2010). An exclusive interview with BP Portrait Award 2010 Nominee David Eichenberg as his work goes on show at the Go Figurative Real Art Show in Hampstead, London.

Angela Wakefield Revisited. (Art of England, June 2010). I first interviewed Angela Wakefield in the summer of 2007. With a growing clientelle and connoisseurship, it was time to catch up with this brilliant urban artist, assess her latest work and inspirations.

Futurism: A Vanguard in the Avant-Garde? (Art of England, August 2009). As Futurism arrived in England at the Tate Modern as a "must-see" exhibition, a hundred years had passed since Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's publication of the 'Foundation and Manifesto of Futurism.' The article looks at why Futurism occupies a rather lowly position in art's avant-garde and redefines the important contribution of this movement.

Here Comes The Sun. (Art of England, July 2009). A look at the Colour Field artists whose work was being shown at Tate Liverpool in a unique exhibition entitled 'Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour, 1950 to Today.' 

Glenn Brown in Focus. (Art of England, June 2009). Arguably one of Britain's leading and most diverse artists, Glenn Brown has consistently re-instated and re-fashioned art. Tate Liverpool is currently presenting a timely retrospective of his work and I speak exclusively to the Curator, Laurence Sillars.

The Identities of Ben Nicholson. (Art of England, April 2009)Ben Nicholson has been described as one of the most radical British artists of the Twentieth Century as well as being recognised as a leader of the Modern movement in Britain. Both statements are true and celebrated in a touring exhibition entitled 'A Continuous Line: Ben Nicholson in England.' As the exhibition reaches Tate St Ives, this article looks at Nicholson's abstract years and explores the artist's many identities.

Alfred Sisley comes home. (Art of England, December 2008). As the work of this British born Impressionist painter goes on show at The National Gallery, this article discusses the impact of Alfred Sisley and confirms this forgotten master of Impressionism deserves our attention.

The changing face of the Renaissance. (Art of England, October 2008). Having scored a hit with its 'Manet to Picasso' exhibition in 2006, The National Gallery then presented a similar survey of the much coveted Renaissance period. With a cache of over seventy paintings alongside sculptures, drawings and metals, 'Renaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian' was being billed as a landmark exhibition.

Francis Bacon: His career in totality. (Art of England, September 2008). On 11 September 2008, a new retrospective exhibition opened at Tate Britain devoted to Francis Bacon. Marking the centenary of his birth, the exhibition consolidated the artist's position and redefined context. This article assessed the unique opportunity to view Francis Bacon's work and discovered a complex philosophical artist whose passions transmitted through much of his work.

Turner '08: The Gender Agenda. (Art of England, September 2008)The 2008 Turner Prize promises to be the usual merry-go-round of hype and hypertension but this year's nominations have a refreshing feminine air about them.   

Vilhelm Hammershoi: The Poetry of Silence. (Art of England, September 2008). At the Royal Academy of Arts in London is the first-ever exhibition of work by this Danish artist who had more links with Vermeer and Whistler but may have shown the way for Strindberg and Hopper. Click here for more information on Hammershoi 

Time For Klimt. (Art of England, April 2008). The celebration of Liverpool as the European City of Culture in 2008 included a wonderful exhibition of Gustav Klimt's work at Tate Liverpool during the summer of 2008. This article looks at the exhibition and the artist's life and career. 

Saint Phalle Docks at Liverpool. (Art of England, February 2008). This was the first UK exhibition of Niki de Saint Phalle's work and fitting that it was showcased at Tate Liverpool as the city commenced its year-long celebrations as European City of Culture.

Jenny Pickford. (Art of England, February 2008). I first met Jenny Pickford at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2007 and was highly impressed with her contrasting sculpture. Based in Herefordshire, I discovered that behind this success lay a commitment to traditional crafts of the blacksmith with advancing techniques.

Rose Hilton: An Enchanting Grace. (Art of England, January 2008). On the eve of Rose Hilton's selected retrospective exhibition at Tate St Ives, I interview the renowned British St Ives-based artist. Her responses are honest and frank. The interview is enlightening and provides a real insight into the life of an artist in St Ives and the location's inspiration. Click here for Rose Hilton's official website.

A Class Divided - another awakening for the Turner. (Art of England, December 2007). This article discusses the Turner Prize Retrospective at Tate Britain that was a key UK exhibition at the time.

Fish Market. (Art of England, November 2007). I make a return visit to Northampton and discover an exciting artistic renaissance following the old Fish Market being converted to an art gallery. Unfortunately, Northampton's Fish Market was demolished in March 2013. The Fish Market Gallery was offered a relocation to Guildhall Street in 2012.

Abstracting Georg Baselitz. (Art of England, October 2007). The inner world of Georg Baselitz can be disturbing, even fractious, but exploring it is not without reward. The dissecting of Baselitz as an artist runs parallel to understanding the importance of a major retrospective at the Royal Academy of Arts of over 60 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures. Click here for more details on Georg Baselitz.

Associations with Sickert. (Art of England, October 2007). Strip back the layers of alleged association with the Jack the Ripper case, and Walter Sickert is revealed as a compelling artist at the crossroads of controversial change and merging arts. This article reviews 'Walter Sickert: The Camden Town Nudes'  at the Courtauld Institute of Art Gallery in London.

Angela Wakefield. (Art of England, October 2007). This article assesses the work of this rising star of British urban art. In a visit to Ascot Studios in Ribchester near Preston, Angela Wakefield speaks openly about her inspirations and techniques.

A Cultural Enlightenment at the Ashmolean: Chinese Prints 1950 - 2006. (Art of England, September 2007). On the eve of a landmark exhibition of exceptional Chinese Prints, Dr He Weimin advises of the cultural boundaries, struggles, communist restrictions and loyalty to art by the featured artists.

Clarence Crawford. (Art of England, September 2007). 'Master painter' is a term used in art and art history that conjures up visions of Rembrandt, Rubens, Reynolds and such like, but relating such a term to living painters can be a perilous road. Not in the case of one: Clarence Crawford.

The Metaphorical Louise Bourgeois. (Art of England, September 2007). "Art is not about art. Art is about life, and that sums it up." So says French born artist and sculptor Louise Bourgeois in her 1988 interview with Donald Kuspit. In October 2007 as the curtain raised on her retrospective at Tate Modern, it was clear that her view had not changed. Sadly, Louise Bourgeois died on 31 May 2010.

The Challenge of Millais. (Art of England, Summer 2007). This article discusses the life and work of Millais, prior to the forthcoming exhibition at Tate Britain.

The Turner Goes To Liverpool. (Art of England, Summer 2007). The announcement of the annual Turner prize always receives curiosity, scorn and celebration in equal measure; but after all, that's art - the ability to keep an open mind and accept differences in composition, form and assemblage. In 2007 as part of Liverpool's status as European Capital of Culture, the Turner Prize exhibition and awards ceremony left London - to Tate Liverpool, whilst in London there was a Turner Prize retrospective (discussed in an article published in Art of England, December 2007).

Impressionists by the Sea. (Art of England, June 2007). In the summer of 2007, The Royal Academy of Arts took a new look at the Impressionists with a fine exhibition. For the first time, several seascapes by Renoir, Monet, Caillebotte and Courbet, to name but a few, were brought together.   

The Season of Light: Edward John Gregory remembered. (Art of England, January 2007). I take a look at this forgotten English Impressionistic artist and in particular his famous painting 'Boulter's Lock: Sunday Afternoon, 1885.' The painting in the collection of the Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight, Wirral, depicts a Victorian boating extravaganza at Boulter's Lock near Maidenhead in Berkshire. Click here for further information on Edward John Gregory.

Uncovering a forgotten Master: Godfried Schalcken and the Ruysch Portrait. (Art of England, April 2006). This portrait by the underrated Dutch Seventeenth Century artist Godfried Schalcken has been discovered in the collection of the Cheltenham Art Gallery. This article takes a look at the portrait but also charts the relatively unknown career of Schalcken.



Annya Sand. Special publication by the artist Annya Sand in 2011 which includes a review of her work taken from an article that appeared in Art of England, April 2011.



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